Aluminum I-LOCK (or is it eye- lock) roofing

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My mom and dad bought a home nearly 50 years ago that is still in the family. At the time of purchase, the home had a fairly new roof which is called an ALUMINUM I-LOCK roof. It was quite expensive (several thousand dollars) but never needs to be replaced. Have you heard of this type of roof (I've never seen another one, but surely they exist). Who installs them? How much would they cost today to install? Thanks in advance! Robyn
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
About 50 years ago, there were a few companies making what was called the Alumilock shingle. A few machines still exist for making this product or similar products today. Google searches for things like aluminum lock shingles will probably reveal some. You can also use this website to find MRA member companies that manufacture aluminum and steel shingle roof systems. Metal roofs are a higher investment than standard shingles. They can cost anyplace from double to several times the cost depending upon the exact metal roof you choose.
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