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Thank you for your web site, and a place to ask questions! My question is regarding my home in The San Louis valley in Colorado. I have a dome with “bump outs” on three sides (picture included), everyone I have talked to has told me that putting metal on the dome portion of my home is anything from unadvisable to insane! However, we receive about 200 inches of snow a year, and since the roofline is so close to the ground, I battle ice dams every year (I always loose!) and would like to, at least, use metal on the bump outs (flat portions) My question is, is there a method (or can you) make an intersection (junction, valley, joint)between asphalt shingles and metal roofing? If so, what metal roofing type/style would you suggest? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Jim Edwards [email protected]
Todd Miller
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Wow. That is a cool looking house. By the way, thank you for your kind words about this website. You would need a pretty experienced installer but I would say that most of the shake and shingle profile products on this website would work on your home. And then, on the very low pitch portions (the highest roof sections), you would likely need to use a field-seamed double lock panel. I would suggest using this site to find some products you like the looks of and then contacting the manufacturers to see whether their technical departments can help you with installation details for geodesic domes.
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