Cleaning Painted Aluminum (Fin-All) roof

Jana Monahan
Hi: I have a 8 year old light blue Fin-all aluminum shingle (interlock) roof. I'm having no problems, but it gets dirty. Could be that I'm in Oregon and have large douglas fir trees that are constantly shedding pine needles. It appears to be coated with either dirt or mold. Power-washing doesn't take care of it. Needs a cleaning solution. The problem? Well, it get so slippery when you get it wet that you can't walk on it. HELP! Dirty in Oregon
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Jana, Unfortunately, pine needles carry sap and then, when that ends up on anything, ti will attract and hold dirt and I think that is probably the bulk of what you're seeing. Following is an excerpt from my company's Tech Bulletin and cleaning metal roofs: Many metal roofing contractors offer roof cleaning services to past customers. If, in order to clean the roof, the cleaner must be on the roof, homeowners are advised to have an experienced contractor perform the work. In any event, manufacturer’s instructions for walking on the roof must be followed. If cleaning cannot be accomplished from a ladder or perhaps from a bucket truck, roof access can be made safer by laying walk boards on the roof or hanging ladders from the ridge and using ladder jacks to support walkboards between them. Metal roofs can be cleaned with brushes or by power washing. A cleaning solution consisting of water, detergent such as Tide, and (optional) trisodium phosphate such as Soilax can be beneficial in cleaning the roof. If the roof is power washed, take care to avoid high pressure spray directly into interlocks and overlaps of the metal roofing panels and flashings. After cleaning, the roof should be rinsed thoroughly with clear water before it dries.
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