Historically accurate corrugated metal

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Does anyone know about the history of corrugated metal roofing? Is 2 and a half inch older than one and a quarter inch, etc.? Were different types more common for barns? Were there regional differences?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Metal roofing has been around for so long I don't know how many of are members are historical experts however in Canada it has ben in use for a considerable number of years. We had an American Can plant in our area and we have quite an array of metal roofs made from tin plate taken from the plant. I do know that the first versions were hand formed in sheet metal brakes which limited the length, width and profiles that could be formed by the machine. The earlier versions were made from tin plate or bare steel and were hot dipped in zinc after forming. Because of the time required to reset stops, most of the sheets in our area had the profiles formed from a combination of 45 dgree angles and they worked from the middle of the sheet out. As such I believe you will find every area differant as the profile was set to the size of brake and the raw material. Maybe some other experts can add history from their area.
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