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Our retirement home has two roofs which come together in a V shape. It has flashing in the groove and foam type fillers in the raised ribs. It leaked during heavy down pours. I closed these areas with SNOWROOF. It looks bad but stopped the leaks except when two feet of snow begins to melt. Is there a special seam available for V-grroves or was the roof installed improperly? Bob
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
If I have it correct you have an area where the two eaves come together to form a flat valley which is generally reffered to in the industry as a hog valley. I am unfamiliar with the product Snow Roof. The legth of roof feeding rainwater and collecting snow into the valley is a factor on the detail. Generally it is good practice to install ice and water shield on the decking 5-6 feet up each side and then use standard undelayments from there up the roof. Then a 4 ft wide metal valley can be formed hopefully in one piece top fit. If it is too long then they need to be soldered together. It should have a raised V formed in the valley if the roofs are steep to stop the water from running back up the other side. The roof sheets should then stop at least 8" short of the valley centre and the flutes closed. It is a good idea to set the sheets in butyl tape sealant where they terminate in the valley. I would try running a heat cable for the winter months to keep the ice melted and stop the dams.
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