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I'm building a Pole Barn, but don't wish any moisture from condensation in the Barn. I'm considering insulating using Blue Board or somethimg similar. I've considered a plastic Wrap, like those used on homes. I'm not sure if there's any better material. Also, I'm not sure wether it should be used on the outside of the Girts/Purlins or on the inside. I assume the outside so the wood is protected, but not sure. Any help is this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You get condensation from two sources. The natural air and from the interior use generating moisture. You need to determine what the use will be. If it is livestock, then you will generate interior moisture and heat. If it is strickly unheated storage that is well ventilated then there is little to worry about. If you have moisture and heat generated internally, then you will need to use an internal air barrier to stop the migration of the warm moist air that condensates. There is a great foil faced product that is approximately 1/4" thick from Environmentally Friendly Products that has great reflective properties and is an excellant underlayment and air barrier which can be installed over the trusses before you strap the roof. If you were to install the ridgid insulation, I would still install a high quality underlayment such as TriFlex 30 under the metal roofing. And don't forget ventilation.
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