Tim Hoek
Going to use 5/8" tech-shield OSB under a craftsman series small batten standing seam metal roof. The project is being installed in Phoenix. Every supplier and the architect say to install the OSB with the foil side up. For a hot climate, this makes the most sense. Does this have any implications to the felt/underlayment. Does this situation pigeonhole me into a certain type of UL? Would really like to avoid the SA SBS products due to the expense (are they really worth 10x$ simple 30# felt-somebody must really need a $6000 shower curtain for their maids quarters). Also, should there be the standard 1/16 to 1/8 in end gaps on the OSB. Or is this typical only to plywood. Thanks for your advice.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The firstv thing to do is contact the manufacturer and get their recommendations. Also check out their ICC-ES product approval report which indicates that it has been tested and reviewed to the building code. I can say that the reflective barrier needs to be at least 1" away from the underside of the roof covering to be effective. Also you need to check what is required for a moisture barrier underlayment. Today there are many metal roof systems that are Energy Star rated. This wwill do far more in keeping the heat as it is the first strike by the sun and able to reflect the rays. My experience with OSB is that it is a wood product and will grow more if it becomes wet than plywood. Also watch that it does not grip screws as well and you should be using #12's to get the best grip.
Guest User
You did'nt state what material your roof was fabricated from. If it is copper you need to put down a slip sheet to prevent galvanic action. Red rosin paper is good for this application and is usually very cheap, but remember it provides no water infiltration protection.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Tony.
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