tieing in a steep slope roof to a flat roof

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hello experts, we are considering a metal roof. we have a few quirky situations with the current roof. we are in rhode island and we have a flat roof over the garage and breezeway.!!?? the house is about 50 years old. the flat roof is a problem and has been for quite some time. it is leaking. we have considered using a "rubber" roof for that part. i see that flat metal roofs are a option. what are the advantages/disadvantages of going totaly metal? what are the issues with tieing the rubber and metal roofs together. the area where they meet is about 12 feet running on the horizontal.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are commercial and industrial metal roofs that work very well on low pitches. Like anything, they must be properly installed and you must find a roof that can be used on the low pitch. Should you go with rubber or PVC, you just need to have a large transition flashing form the metal down over the rubber. The flashing should be designed in a way that will alow the flat roof membrane to be replaced in the future.
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