Hurricane repair-new metal roof concerns.

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My Mother had her roof destroyed by Hurricane Francis. She elected to have it replaced with a metal roof to lend better wind/weather resistance. My concerns are this: At the last minute the roofing vendor advised her that although she had been sold a colored roof of her choice, due to the low profile of the roof, she had to switch to white as this was the only material that could be utilized on a low pitch roof. Secondly, although the salesman's quote stated that all new plywood decking was included, the vendor stated that this was amended in the signed contract to only cover replacing or repairing the plywood decking as needed. This alteration was not brought to her attention. Now she advised me that the roofing vendor placed the new roof on with only a small portion of the decking replaced. They said the rest was fine. This is on a house that has been without a roof since August/Sept. due to two hurricanes hitting it. I can't imagine that the plywood decking is okay after exposure to the elements, albeit with some tarping, over this length of time. Am I right to be concerned that my Mother is being taken advantage of, or am I just overconcerned? Your feedback would be most appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am guessing the concern over color is that there is little attic space, ventilation or insulation. In that case, a white roof will help keep the attic and the home cooler. As for the decking condition, I really cannot hazard a guess. If the decking has been entirely exposed since last fall, then, yes, I will agree it may have been compromised. I still really can't say for certain. However, if it was tarped or covered with underlayment, it could likely be just fine.
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