ice in valley pulled up roofing

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Hi - I had a standing seam roof installed over asphalt last summer. I live in northern VT. During the winter ice built up in the valley between the house roof and the entry way roof which run at rught angles to each other. The contractor installed the roof such that there was a smooth "gutter" in the valley with the standing seam panels meeting the valley. the smooth valley is approx 1.5 feet on each side of the "V". Now that the ice has melted - in one part of the valley the ice was able to expand from the valley up under one of the standing seam panels causing it to separate from the valley and leave an opening and separation between the panel and the valley. Is this a problem with installation - eg inappropriate "crimping" to join the two metals - or is this a common problem with ice in valleys of standing seam roofing? Also the contractor installed the snow guards improperly and where the heaviest load existed the clamps slid down the seam between two and 8 inches (depending on the clamp) and scraped away the paint. Will this rust? Is there some repair possible? Should the contractor be responsible for this and the above problem? Thank-you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi! It's very possible that you had an unusually severe winter. Certainly, though, these problems are not something that you'd want to anticipate on a regular basis. There are a couple of ways to do valleys -- one involves folding the panels and locking them into the valley and the other does not. Sounds like yours was done the second way. I had never heard of this kind of damage occurring when valleys are done that way but I can see how it would be possible. I am sort of wondering whether your attic has good ventilation. There might be some other contributing factors here. As for the slipped snowguards ... yes, the scratches could lead to rusting and should be touched up. I really have a tough time, without being there and seeing things and without knowing exactly how bad your winter was, trying to determine what role faulty installation played in all of this. I would suggest seeing if the manufacturer of the roofing can't send out a rep to look things over and give an opinion.
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