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I really respect you guys for taking on questions that really make the products you deal with look bad. Having said that, i am still considering a metal roof. i live in ottawa, canada. the tempurature over the year varies from -22F to 95F, we get lots of rain, snow, freezing rain, wind etc. Would a metal roof work in this situation? if so, what is preferred in this climate, aluminum or steel? Thanks, Carlo
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Carlo. I think that the questions on this site really point out two things: 1) Only metal roofing systems designed for residential application should be used on residences and, even at that, they should be used only on the proper applications and installed only by trained or experienced installers. 2) The industry needs to continue to work on getting more well-trained installers to meet the rapidly increasing demand for our products. As such, we welcome any questions or concerns because, ultimately, they are all for good. To answer your question specifically, as long as you adhere to the two things above, you can achieve a successful installation, regardless of the type of metal that the roof is made of.
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