Metal as a Leak Solution in High-Wind, High-Rain area

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I have a home on the SW Washington State coast, in an area subject to high winds, lots of rain, and exposed to driven salt water. I have a 7-yr old composite roof on an extremely complex roofline (4 distinct peaked areas, 3 main low-slope areas, 5 or more singificant "valleys") that has had ongoing leakage problems, typically in the valleys and low-slope areas. Is metal roofing a solution to this kind of problem? How does metal roofing survive in a salt-water environment? Is metal roofing more or less prone to failure in complex roofline installations (than composite)? For reasons of appearance, if I were to choose this, I would lean toward metal shingle or shake installation, if this makes a difference. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think that the metal shakes would be a great option for you. These systems are designed for residential use and include accessories to handle various flashings and trims. Depending upon how close you are to the coast, the steel products may not carry a valid warranty. You might wish to consider aluminum shakes which do not carry a coastal limitation.
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