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I Have heard conflicting stories as to the abillity of a aluminum to withstand a heavy hail storm. Due aluminum products stand up as well as metal in this type of weather? The comment was aluminum products are designed with a texture that tends to hide not prevent hail damage. On the same topic a metal roofing contractor informed me that aluminum roofing contractors are not able to walk across a finished roof for fear of denting panels. Is this True?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Gord, Thanks for your questions. First of all, aluminum is a metal, just as is steel. Albeit though that aluminum is a non-ferrous metal rather than a ferrous metal. There are various profiles of aluminum roofing and various profiles of steel roofing. With both metals, the more heavily textured the product, the more resistant it is to impact damage and the more it will "mask" any damage which might occur. There is an Impact Test performed on roofing, UL 2218. This test is done in four levels, the most difficult level being Class IV. You might want to inquire as to which level any products you're considering have passed. As far as walkability, frankly, some care has to be used when walking on virtually any metal roof, both for safety and to prevent product damage. Surface scuffs and scratches on steel roofing should be addressed with touch-up. In the case of many more heavily-formed metal roof panels, both steel and aluminum, which have an airspace between the metal and the roof deck, the roofing manufacturers sometimes offer optional foam backers which can be used on the entire roof for extra rigidity or just in "traffic" areas, if desired. I hope this helps clarify the conflicting stories you have received.
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