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I've been in the roofing business for almost 10 years. The contractor I work now for isn't interested in branching out into metal roof installation. I'd like to get trained in installation and maybe start my own company, so my question is do the training courses you have listed train individuals as well as whole companies.
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Yes. You might be interested in one of the more complete installation courses, which, depending on what roofing manufacturing company you decide to go with, offers other courses that might be of help to someone starting their own business, like feature-benefit and sales techniques. I don't want to recommend one over another because from what I know, I think they're all pretty good. So take a look at what's available at our Manufacturer Training link, under "Contractors / Installation."
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do you ever recieve inquires from those who are qualified metal installers seeking employment. we are a north bay co. who takes great pride in our work; we have been premier metal installers for 15 years and are looking for 'A FEW GOOD MEN;or WOMEN'.
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