waterproofing on skylights on a low pitch

Guest User
what is the best way to waterproof around a skylight on a 1 and 12 w 6 skylights and metal vertical roofing
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If, as I suspect, the metal roof installed here was not intended for a roof pitch as low as 1:12, there may be no way to waterproof them. Exact flashing methods vary from metal panel to metal panel but the skylight needs to be curbed and flashed all the way around. Underlayment should first be brough up around the skylight and sleaed. The downhill flashing needs to come out on top of the metal roofing below and maintain a positive slope. The uphill flashing needs to extend a long wya up under the roof panels and then also direct water down the sides of the skylight. I have to say, though, I really question whether this is all that wise of an application in the first place. Few skylights are designed for that low of a pitch either.
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