ventilation between shingles and metal

Larry Day
volunteer builder
On my last house, per manufacturer, I used 1x4s screwed to the decking for attaching the 'R' panels. Since I live in central Texas, I would like to improve ventilation between the shingles and the metal when I install a metal roof on this house. Instead of using 1x4s, I would like to use 6 inch strips of 'U' panel or maybe just Cobra roll ridge vent material. With a ridge vent, this would provide 3/4 inch of continuous ventilation from the drip edge to the ridge. If Cobra is used, then the screws would need to go thru to the decking. If 'U' panel is used, then it would be screwed to the decking and then the 'R' panel would be attached seperately. Any thoughts on this, or should I stay with the 1x4s and depend on the ribs to provide sufficient ventilation.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, I think that good ventilation beneath the roof deck (in the attic) is also very effective. Should you choose one of the procedures you have outlined, it is critical that you confer with the roofing manufacturer first and get their approval.
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