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I had my shingle roof replaced with a tin roof 1 1/2 year ago because the shingle roof had 1 leak and I fig'd it might be time. Now, I have over 7 spots or so that are leaking. I have been told by some friends of mine that the contractor used incompatible materials and bad workmanship contributed to the problems I am now having. The primary adhesive was pure silicone but at various times in the last 1.5 years other materials have been used including, black cat, acrylic caulk, and Cool Seal. It really looks bad and I have a feeling that the contraction of the metal may have broken the silicone in the valleys which may be the source of some of the newer leaks. Nails were also used and I have been told that screws are preferable. I am in the market for a new investiment grade metal roof - looking for estimates - I am in the Chapel Hill, NC area. [email protected]
Todd Miller
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I am very sorry to hear this. Have you contacted the roofing manufacturer to see what advice they might have? If you wish, email pictures to me at [email protected] and maybe I can provide more input. However, properly installed, metal roofing valleys should not have this kind of dependence on sealants.
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Nailing metal roofs down is limited to barn roofs and out building.....not to a private residence. The nails, while they are ring shanked are still subject to "backing out".......from both wind and temperature changes. Your probably going to have to replace everything. Suggest you speak with your insurance agent (providing the structure is insured). You may have some coverage. You may also have some legal avenues worth considering.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Ron we appreciate you adding your comments however this forum is not set up to be a chat room as it then sets up certian liabilities for our association. Truly it is designed for consumers and contractors to get technical questions answered by approved members. Thanks for your input and understanding.
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