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Is 28 gauge normal for a steel panel roof? Which finish lasts longer, painted or silver galvalume? The interior of my house has a cathedral, tongue and groove ceiling. What precautions, consideration or advice do you have regarding a steel panel roof over this? Are there any special considerations when installing a "cricket" or "saddle" between a steel roof and a wood paneled chimney? Are aluminum gutters OK with a steel roof and should gutter revision/repair happen before or after a new steel roof is installed?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
28 gauge is not unusual though there are thicker metal roofs as well. I would inquire whether the product meets the base metal and coating requirements of the Metal Construction Association certified roofing program. Generally, a painted product will last longer and have less maintenance than an unpainted one. Steel roofing going into aluminum gutters will likely not cause a problem. It sounds like you have no ventilation in your roof assembly. Building Codes call for a minimum 1" airspace beneath the roof deck. I would suggest working with a well experienced metal roofing contractor and seeing if some ventilation can't be accomplished with your new roof. There are several ways in which it could be done. I would suggest removing the old gutters, installing the roof, and installing the new gutters.
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what lengths does metal tin come in?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
They can generally be ordered to exact lengths although there is a minimum and a maximun handling length. This leaves us to what you mean by "metal tin". Th majority of metal roofing today is made from Steel and Aluminum. The steel has a rust resistant metalic coating on it such as Zinc known as galvanized or a combination of zinc and aluminum known as Galvalume. For exposed roofing you want to use Galvalume with a coating weight of AZ 55.
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