Homeowners Insurance Co's dropping coverage of Metal Roofs

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My homeowners insurance is being canceled by Montgomery Mutual (62 Maple Ave. Keene NH 03431) because I installed a tin roof ("Our Inspection Report indicates the home has a metal roof which is inelgible for our Homeowner program"). All my research extolls the benefits of metal roofs for: fire retardance, property value increases, heating & air-conditioning savings, and country charm. I purposely remodeled my home to have a historic ambiance, since I have an aversion to the newer developments in our area. I can't believe homeowners that engage in historic preservation are now being penalized because National Risk Services (P.O. Box 41776 St. Petersburg FL 33743) is forcing big Insurance Corporations to drop us. I don't know what to do about getting new homeowners insurance, (I called Alstate & they too won't insure metal roofs) but I do not intend to rip off my Tin Roof. To add insult to injury, I've been insured by Montgomery Mutual ever since I brought my home 20 years ago, never filled a claim, replaced all the archaic wiring, drew up all my remodeling plans in AutoCAD and had them approved by Permits & Inspections. I retained all the old hand hune chestnut, oak and poplar: joists, floors and walls, and maintained the original 1800s design at great expense as compared to present framing practices. I encourage your interest in pursuing this project and insurance issue, if only in a general way to prevent big insurance companies from forcing everyone to conform to their vision of tract housing. Please help in keeping America beautiful. Barry O. Boyle 20716 Netz Road Boonsboro MD 20713 301-432-2233
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
This unfortunately is a result of uneducation, old wives tales and lobbying by manufacturers of other products. Try State Farm Insurance as they actually discount premiums for metal roofing. I am not sure what you are claiming when you say tin roof as they are very expensive and generally not readily available. Probably you have a Galvanized or Galvalume metal roof. As a manufacturer we go to work when we run into this issue and educate the insurance company. I would strongly recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your roofing product. They should have a product approval on their product stating that it has been tested and reviewed to the building code. Failing that they should be able to provide a letter stating the testing and life expectancy.
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