Service life of an aluminum roof

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I am currently working in the planning stage to cover a reservoir. One of the options include placing a aluminum cover over the reservoir. The reservoir has an area of 5.7 acres (248,292 ft^2). I would like to find out what the service life of a typical aluminum roof is and also what a typical Installation Cost and Maintenance cost is ($/ft^2) Thank you
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an association we are not allowed to talk about costs and this size of structure probably will have serious structural factors and residential roofing may be too high priced. Three avenues to suggest. 1) Contact some of our member manufacturers such as Fabral, ATAS and Classic that I know do Aluminum. 2) Go to ask the experts on the MCA web site which is commercial 3) Go to the Alluminum Association. Good luck.
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