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Where are the metal roofing materials made? Are these systems capatible with those prevalent in Europe - Germany and Poland specifically? Where can I learn more about cross compatibility and international sourcing? Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Metal roofing is made by individual manufacturers however each specifies their own substrate materials and coatings. The base metals are generally the same and should be a minimum G90 galvanized or and AZ150 Galvalume. Paint systems incorporate rust inhibitors etc in the process and are specific to markets. Parts of Europe have high levels of poluted air with lots of rain, where parts of the US have high levels of sun and UV degradation. Most commonly Europe uses a Plastisol paint system wher the US uses a PVDF and Canada a SMP. Hence you need to identify your requirements. Choose a product and ask to see their product approval which will indicate the performence and materials.
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