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I have a client that is concerned that if he has a metal roof installed on his already assessed home of $240,000 home he will not get the roof amount out when he sells. The roof is only $17,000. You would think that it would be easy to retrieve the investment. But in Troy, Michigan metal is not seen on residential homes like it is here in the Southern and Northern Michigan homes. I am just looking for good advice in order to help sell this roof. He knows he needs it but the price tag is holding him back. Thanks for your help
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I have two experiences with sales to friends I would like to pass on. 1) A friend had a home of similar value in an estabished community and he was moving to a Condo. Sales were sluggish and he was having trouble getting the extra value for his home as he had slightly larger area and an upgraded interior. His shingle roof was near the end of its life and at my suggestion he installed one of our metal roofs. His home sold within a month at his price including the extra for his roof. 2)A friend needed a roof for his summer cottage and was in a location where the wind driven sand wore quickly at his shingle roof so we supplied him his first roof althougth he struggled with the price differance. Four years later he installed laminate flooring in half the cotage at twice the price he paid for the roof and though he had a good deal. People pay $8-$10/sf for flooring but baulk at paying half that for a quality roof that will protect their investment especially after the severe weather the country has received.
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