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our office building has a flat roof and needs a new roof, the cost would be approx. 45,000.00 with a life expectancy of 16 years. we are thinking of converting this roof to a standing seam roof. our current roof houses three heating units and air conditioners plus duct work, is this conversion both economically practical and is it even possible or practical.
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There is no slope to the roof. It is approx. 8,000 sq ft. Our intentions are to install a standing seam roof that is sloped at the minimal specs. the roof is a flat rubber roof with no stones or gravel on it. We would have to raise the heating units, AC units and duct work onto stub columns. does sloping the new roof change your advise in any way?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Yes this is done all the time. This is really getting into Commercial roofing and there will be differant building code requirements. I would first try contacting a few of our memnber mfg as they do both. Second go the the Metal Constuction Association web site and ask their experts to get you in the right direction.
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