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i have a metal roof on a log home that is giving me problems. roof is constructed of 1x8 t&g pine covered with felt paper then ridgid ins. with 2x4 purlins and the metal. having problems with 1 side of roof when sun hits the frosted metal. this seems to be the only time i notice any condensation. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Please provide me with a bit more information. You can just email direct to me if you wish -- probably easier for both of us. My email is [email protected] Where is the condensation occuring -- where and what evidence of it are you seeing? I assume that there is no sort of vented airspace at all? How thick is the rigid insulation? Are the purlins only running horizontally? Do they create an unvented horizontal airspace between them? Is there a vapor (air) barrier between the insulation and the T & G? How long has this roof system existed? Have their been problems in the past? If not, has anything else been changed this year that has made the home more airtight? Are there any sources of undue moisture inside the home? Can you email me a picture showing me the roof profile? How can you be certain this is condensation and not a roof leak? (I agree with you but I just want your thoughts on it.) Thanks!
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