Mfg? Solid Closure Strips (inside) for Std. 3' Wide Metal Roof Panels

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Trying to find manufacturer or supplier of SOLID Closure Strips (inside) for Standard 1ΒΌ" thick x 36" wide Warehouse Metal Roofing Panels. They can be any solid material, ie, plastic, metal, wood, etc. Can NOT use any non rigid or soft material. 36" wide Closure Cross Section pdf file attached for reference.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not aware of anyone producing a solid profiled closure for this. However, I would suggest going back to the roofing manufacturer and making an inquiry with them. Commonly, a Z Channel formed from matching metal is used to close this off. The Z is placed either butting the end of the panels (and then sealed at the intersection) or it is cut into short sections to match the roof profile as best as possible, put between the high ribes of the panels, and sealed. I hope this helps and makes some sense.
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