Properly joining addition with metal roof to existing house with metal roof

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I presently have a cottage with a very steep metal roof. I am preparing a small addition to the existing cottage. My framer has never dealt with metal roofs and I would like to know whether he should cut the existing roof and connect the plywood of the extensions roof to the existing roofs plywood or, have he new roof (plywood) butt onto the metal roof and have the roofer deal with it. I want to prepare the the roofer who will be installing the new metal roof properly.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think that first of all you need to consider how you will flash this transition. Ideally, this detail will come from the metal roofing manufacturer and it will impact how this should be framed. In simple terms, though, a pitch transition such as this should be flashed with a flashing that goes under the upper panels and out on top of the lower panels. One thing you really have to watch is that this flashing doe snot end up having a negative pitch which pushes water uphill under the higher panels. You can guard against this perhaps by shortening the upper roof panels and also by framing the lower roof so that it is dropped down at least to the level of the plywood from the higher roof. I hope this makes sense. How the underlayment is handled at this transition is also important. Honestly, the only "right" way to do this will be to remove the upper roof panels, make the transition, and re-install them.
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