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I live in Florida and anticipate putting on a metal roof while the weather is still mild. The roof is a 4/12 pitch,1/2" sheathing. will put 30 # felt as recommended and fasten with exposed screws with neopreme washers. Will the roof expand in the summer enough to show any ripples or buckling? Are there any precautions I need to take to insure a flat smooth look? Ken
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This depends on a couple of things. One is the profile of the panel. The more corrugated panels are inherently stronger so rather than have ripples show in the metal, they pull against the fasteners. Second, it is important with these panels to fasten them according to the manufacturer's specifications. This also helps to guard against waviness with expansion. Keep in mind, though, that metal does expand and contract. With through-fastened panels, metal expansion pulls against the fasteners and can fatigue them over time or wallow out the holes around them. Just to consider all of your options, I would urge you to look at all available metal roofing systems before making a final selection. Other systems have other built-in ways to allow for expansion without waviness or pulling against fasteners.
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