re-fastening an in-place metal roof

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I've been looking for specific recommendations regarding re-fastening metal roofs. A lot of metal roofs were quickly applied after the hurricanes and we are uncertain how well they were fastened. Does your industry have standards or recommendations regarding refastening to assure adequate resistance to future hurricanes? Also, cost information is very hard to obtain due to the workload for roofers - can you refer us to a site for obtaining general cost estimate info? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most manufacturers, if you contact them, will be able to provide some cost guidlines or direct you to someone who can. I do not know of any "third party" so to speak who can help in that area. Regarding fastening -- there are many components to fastening and they vary from product t product based upon the design of the product and based upon how the product has been tested to perform. Fastening entails such things as: Fastener Choice, Fastener Placement, Fastener Quantity, and Fastener Spacing. There is no generic "right" answer to any of these things. You must contact the manufacturer of the roofing to get their specifications for proper fastening of the panels installed on your home. If, in the course of doing this, it is found that things were not done properly, then the manufacturer can help you decide whether repair is possible.
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