Standing Seam over Icynene Insulation

Alan Pastorius
I'm almost ready to have a new home built in Mount Dora, Florida. I plan on a standing-seam galvalume kynar finished with hidden fasteners roof. Pitch is 8/12. I recently decided to try for Icynene spray-on insulation in the attic. Icynene seals the attic and significantly reduces attic temperature. It is installed without vents or radiant barrier. How will this affect the steel roof? Are there any special installation procedure for this combination?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest using a standing seam roof that goes over solid decking rather than lathe. Be sure that it is installed according to manufacturer specifications, including the underlayment.
Guest User
Todd, Thanks for your rapid response and regrets for my tardiness. Company and a bout with the flu slowed things down. Am Moving on with contractor selection, and will talk with the Icynene installer next week. My contractor has mentioned concern about our choice of metal roof. He is concerned about future maintnance issue we may face, such as re-tightening fasteners and cleaning. I've looked through the several other subjects on this page and have noticed that both of these issues have come up before. If re-tightening needs to be done, how often? Thanks again for your help. Al P.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
properly sized and installed exposed fasteners do not need re-tightening. This is an indication that they were overdrive to tight or too powerful stripping the wood, into improper substrate. Steel roofing expands and contracts at a certain co-efficient. As the sheets get longer then the more movement on the outside screws. If as example long sheets were used and the contractor nailed them at the top to hold them in place, then greatest movement is at the bottom. Screw guns come with auto depth setting and make sure the contractor is not using to light a gage screw meant for siding.
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