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I have a two-year old standing seam roof. For the past two winters, every time we go from a deep freeze (I live in Vermont, so I mean DEEP freeze), to a thaw I have terrible condensation problems along the north-facing side of the house. Water runs from the peak of the roof down the rafters, to dampen the ceiling on the first floor. The problem is worse in the middle of the house, away from the gable ends. There is no attic and no ridge vent was installed in the roof. Is it possible to install a ridge vent after the roof has been installed (the initial response from the folks who installed the roof was no)?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You probably need to increase ventilation, both intake (eave soffit vents) and exhaust (ridge vent) and increase insulation on top of your ceilings if possible. Yes, a ridge vent can be added. You need an experienced metal roofing contractor though. A website you might check into is
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