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Something a bit different, I am purchasing a home (never finished) made of ThermaSteel Panels, basically a steel framed structure with Styrofoam formed between the studs. This is my latest renovation project. The entire house roof, walls, and floor are made from the panels. But onto the roof, it’s had a corrugated fiberglass or such roof directly over the foam panels for maybe 10-15 years that is now failing. I want to replace it with a metal roof. It’s super easy, typical ranch, no valleys, etc, one ridge. I see these different types of metal roofs that either install over battens, or directly on the roof. And then some are talking about venting for condensation. I don’t really care which, but I would like to be able to walk the roof later if needed and not worry about missing a batten. It’s a mild but not low pitch. Right now it’s got 3” wide steel studs running vertical on 16’ centers for attachment points. I would even better yet avoid installing OSB, as it would only be for the roofing attachment, not structural. I am leaning towards a typical home center roofing and putting tar paper down, than the roof although some have suggested not worrying with the tar paper as the therma steel is rust and rot proof. I know there are no guarantees, on what I am trying to do. I want to go with panels, not shingles. What’s up with the apparent two schools of roofing, no horizontal battens, and with the battens? Any tips or thoughts?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I feel that you should have a vented airspace. This would require putting down vertical battens followed by horizontal battens. Ventilation could be achieved between the vertical battens form the bototm of the roof to the peak. You could install OSB instead of the horizontal battens. If you go with battens, make sure that the metal roof you are installing is approved by its manufacturer for installation over battens. I would also like to see a vapor barrier on the bottom side of the insulated panels.
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