george ciccone
I live in upstate n.y.,this summer i put a ribbed metal roof over a firred out roof structure with no sheathing under it. i then insulated directly to the firring strip inside with foam board and i am getting a ton of condensation. what can i do to stop it. i also have the same type metal roof on another building this time it sits on o.s.b. and i insulated directly to the o.s.b. i am also getting moisture build up and dripping. both roofs are part of my woodworking shop my tools are getting rained on can you help?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Warm moist air, when it strikes a cool surface, will condense. You will likely need an air (vapor) barrier to prevent air migrating and reaching the back of the roofing. Additional insulation plus moisture control inside the building could help as well.
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