jeff marquis
Last summer I installed a metal roof over ashphalt on top of 1x4's. the pitch is 2.5/12. This winter I have considerable ice buildup. The question has to do with methods of keeping the ice from sliding off in huge quantities. I have noticed on commercial buildings with steel roofs that some have raised metal strips that are installed horizontally on the lower edges of the roof which I assume are to keep people from being killed by sliding ice. Do you recommend adding these? It seems like they would cause a heavier load of ice to remain on the roof. Also, are there heat tapes for metal roofs to keep the ice melting and flowing off as water? This house has always had a snow holding problem because of the flat pitch but it has good insulation and the entire roof is ridge vented and has a spinning turbine vent. after getting a lesson on how slippery the metal roof is and how well it warms to sunlight I was surprised that any snow would stay on it. Thanks, Jeff
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi! Thanks for your question. First, I hope that the metal roof you installed is appropriate for a roof of this low pitch. Next, I suspect that heat from inside the structure is reaching the metal roof, causing the melting and the subsequent ice. Is there a way to increase ventilation and insulation beneath the roof? Yes, there are snow guards, snow fences, and heat cables and a Google search will yield many options. However, I am more interested in increasing ventilation and condensation for the purpose of reducing the ice formation.
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