Best style metal roof for beach business.

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I need suggestions on a style of metal roof for my business on the beach. I'm thinking bright blue or teal. I realize it's personal preference, but do any styles look better for a beach atmosphere?
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Gosh, I appreciate your consideration of metal. I really see this as a personal thing. Certainly, we have seen a trend toward blues and white for coastal applications. Lots of vertical standing seam, concealed fastener.
Stan Williams
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I would think you would certainly want something to stand out and yet be attractive for drawing attention to your business.
Todd Miller
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In Ocean City, MD the Stone-coated steel spanish tile imitation is very popular ... find more at Metal Roofing
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Paul Kazlov
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We have so many style of metal roof but we suggest you Aluminum. Aluminum is a choice for virtually any roof where steel or other materials are being considered. It's natural properties of light weight, strength and longevity make it a desirable roofing material. For more information: Or our contact no: 888-501-5761
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