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Our metal roof needs replacing. It apparently was coated with some material at some point to extend its life and is now rusting in many places and leaking. One contractor has proposed a repair by covering entire roof with insulating polyiso panels and covering with modified torch down. Is this a good idea? It is less expensive than a metal roof replacement but I'm worried about: 1) The added weight; 2) effectiveness and 3) durability as compared to a total metal replacement. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
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This sort of thing is indeed done. I would really suggest getting quotes and talking to contractors both regarding this and regarding re-roofing with metal and weighing the options. Interesting enough, I am going through the same process for part of our factory roof right now. As far as the weight issues ... it probably is not a concern but, if you are concerned, you will need to contact a structural engineer to do an analysis.
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I have a tin roof that was put down a few years ago, the problem was, the pitch was too low and they did it anyways. Other roofers are telling me that tin never should have been put down because of the pitch being too low. My family couldn't figure out why the back room was still leaking even though the new roof was on, once snow and ice started to pile up on the roof. That's the only time it would leak, the water must be backing up somewhere because it can't roll off. All we knew was that they obviously did something wrong. My question is, since we just paid off the loan for this roof, and it's to no fault of our own, we're probably going to have to go through litigation, anyway, can this torch down be put on my roof instead of spending the thousands it's going to cost to raise the pitch?
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There are many membrane materials of various types available for low slope roofs.
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