Industry standards for steel/metal roofing

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Had steel/metal roof put on over 1 layer shakes and 2 layers of asphalt shingles, at contractor's recommendation. We asked about nailers/purloins, said was not necessary. Is this correct, also we requested an overhang of at least 2" to allow for proper drainage into our gutters, but we have a wide range , we go from 3/4" set back, to 1 1/2" overhang. We have many other problems with this contractor, and the manufacturer tells us they have no specific guidelines for installation. Are there any industry standards.. and who can we contact to come and give us assement of the improper installation. Other contractor's do not want to give us a report and do not want to go to court. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The building code has requirements in it and they dio not allow for this type of application. You can go over two layers of asphaly shingles or one layer of wood shakes on the building officials approval. Next is the code call for a drip edge ro be installed with all roof systems. Sounds like yours does not have one. Laying directly over the existing material would be difficult to hold the sheets in alignm,ent and most likely they are only fastened into the wood shakes. This type of instalation will not provide you with the service life you expected and probably should be replaced. There are certain consultants that do roof inspections however they are expensive ($1,000 a day plus expenses) and there may not be one close by. I would try to see if there are any roofing consultants near you. An architect may be able to recommend one. Unfortunately nobody wins when you have to go to court. I would try to work with the contractor. Possibly the roof can be removed, the exixting roof stripped and reinstalled properly. Next time get referances and check them out. Also ask to see the product approval report on the material which tells how it should be installed to code.
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Hi can you send me some instalation info on roofing that may help me on some job;s i want to start like to know how you reccomend the metal roof;s to be installed trying to do more because freinds ask me to put some on for them think you.RICK
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Rick, Thank you for your interest. What you will need to do is contact individual manufacturers. There are so many types and styles of metal roofing that no common "generic" installation instructions exist. If you align yourself withg a manufacturer or two, they will provide you manuals as well as other support.
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