metal roof hurricane resistance

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my community does not allow metal roofs. i would like all available data to document metal roof capability to withstand hurricane force winds up to 155mph. i plan to take this data to arch review comittee as justification for an exemption. any help with this matter will be appreciated. thank you roger
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There is an industry recognized test series that is required in South Florida and the Texas coastal area for wind uplift resistance called UL 580 and UL 1897 where the roof covering is assembled on a 10' x 10' wood deck. 10 mil poly is installed under the roof covering to ensure the uplift resistance is against the roof covering. As wind events place alternating uplift and down pressure on a roof system, the 580 test takes places alternating pressures on each side of the deck, that is vacumn and air pressure alternating every 30 seconds and increasing up to a certain pressure measured in pounds per square foot. Then they do the 1897 test which puts increasing uplift pressure on only until the roof system fails. The intent of the 580 is to simulate wind events and weaken any connections before trying to make it fail. From this failure reading, the Florida codes take a 2-1 safety factor and provide a design load. We as example went through 3 test decks, then the results averaged and devded by 2. We have a safe design load of 63psf at a 2-1 safety factor and are approved in all the high wind zones. Building engineers can take these values and apply to the buildings design. What does this mean in practical terms? A 100mph wind equals 31.5 psf of pressure. My staff are presenting conyinually at HOA's on metal roofing. Choose a product that has FL approvals, then contact the manufacturer and I'm sure they would be happy to present to the board.
ben Johnson
Hello I'm currently investing in my home, Capital investing in this house> I live in a area that is under renoviation about 4.5 miles from the ocean. I would like a metal roof for the estatic value along with the idea that if the wind where to blow above 70 mph I know the structure would hold. My question is to you is the neighborhood is up and comming I plan to stay here not long 1 to 3 years then head on out. I dont want to over spend on this investment, but this is my home for know. I'm currently investing in windows and storm shutters. I know that if the wind and dabre where to come this way during a storm I would be hit like a car in a traffic accident. But I know that if the house where armored as in a metal roof I would stand a better chance of suriving a storm that is destine to come here. My delma is I dont want to over spent I would be willing to do the work work myself with the right roof and instruction. If you have any recomendation or product I would be very willing to work with you on my need. Sincerely Ben.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I Europe, their heritage is to put a good roof over the families head. In North America, we have been taught do the opposite. Today the roof is the last frontier where they take it from the capital side of the ledger and move it to the maintenance side. Metal is known to perform if installed correctly in extreme weather events. Our company as example has invested thousands of dollars over the years in testing and maintaining product approvals in support of our claims on performance and we must recover those costs in the sale. Depending upon where you are situated, your roofing decision may be made or influenced by the building department or your insurance department. Check out their requirements first. Twelve years ago I supplied a roof to a good friend for his small cottage for $2,000. Last year he installed laminated wood flooring in half for $4500 and said what a good deal. Do it once and do it right and it will become a selling feature of your home.
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