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I have developed and patented a new fall protection device designed specifically for metal roofing applications.Myself and my father, owning a smal roofing company with a combined experience of 37 years, developed it based upon our own experiences, and the lack of practical fall protection on the market. My question is, Is there an interest among the roofing community for a device that is totally portable, small and lightweight, that does not penetrate the integrity of the roof at all? Our system leaves no holes to patch or repair, and can be used on various profiles of standing seams.It stays on the roof, yet can be moved to accomodate progress across the roof surface. I am not neccessarily trying to sell it on this board, just trying to gather information as to market or not. Thank you in advance for time and input.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You have a number of better options to meet with the indudtry such as becoming a member of the Metal Construction Association and/or exhbiting at the Metacon trade show each fall.
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I can't believe that you only had one response in all these years. I got to this because of an incident and I am looking for fall protection devices. In the industrial roofing trade there is nothing, especially here in South Africa. If you are still working on it give some more info at [email protected] This project should be supported to protect our workforce.
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