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I am looking at a 5V metal roof. What is the best insulation to put under the metal panels? I live in Florida, so water and heat are our main problems.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I am getting to sound like a broken record on this but you should check first with the building department on their reguirements to wind and rain first. Then contact the manufacturer of the product to ensure it complies with the code. They will have a product approval number and report if it does and that will dictate how to install it. Having said that, their is liitle value in putting insulation under the roof covering unless it is a vaulted system and then you are required to ventilate the space between the roof covering and insulation so choose a system that mounts up on strapping and ventilates. For a 5V this will probably take strapping vertical and horizontal to comply if the product is approved. A black roof can get up to 185 F so the insulation needs to be something that is stable. This rules out white styrofoam and puts you into the Pink or Blue board or better yet the polystyrene board. I would choose an energy star approved roof covering as it will save you the most in AC~ Costs.
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