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Okay, now that I know that you need to get special mechanically seam-able material for a low-slope roof (which I didn't get), how well do you think metal with through-fasteners, sealed with a bead of silicone at the seams, will work? Will the silicone last and be enough to stop any seepage at the seams? Or did I just make a big mistake.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
We need to define the slope, product and sheet length. There are products designed just for siding and not for roofing. If the slope is greater than 1/2"/12" and the rafter length not too long then it may not be too bad. If there is a steep slope above it feeding on it then it is worse. Sealing the side laps with a sealant is an option but it must be between the sheets not over and it should be a butyl based sealant. You can buy peel and stick rolls of tape. Wipe the steel clean first and replace the screws that you remove with new as the rubbers may not seat again.
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