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I have a home in the alleghey mountains of Pa. I will replace the shingle roof with metal next year. I have two valleys and my concern is heavy ice buildup and running under the metal at the valleys. One valley runs onto a semi-flat roof and I know that could build up. How do I seal the sides of the valley at the metal panels when I cut the metal on angles so ice or water does not go under the panels. The panels will be vertical. Thank you for any help. H
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First of all, it will be important to obtain the installation details form the manufacturer for valley situations. Some companies seal these areas with butyl tapes which do work well. My company doesn't manufacture a lot of standing seam but, for the standing seam product we do manufacture, we produce a valley which has two Z's bent into it. The roof panels are brought down to the Z's and cut to the angle but they are cut long. The excess is then folded around 180 degrees and locked into the Z. Other companies use this detail as well. It is basically foolproof.
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