Gerard Roofing filed Chp this true?

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I just talked to a roofing contractor her in Southern Cal, and I mentioned to him that I really liked the the roofing product put out by Gerard Roofing Technologies which, I understand was acquired by Metals USA, Inc. He said that he read that they had filed for Chapter 11. Anyone have any info as to the validity of this statement? Thanks, Karl Z
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Gerard is a member of our association in good standing. As a fellow manufacturer of similar products I can attest that they are still in business producing good products and we compete against them daily. Any companies tied to the steel supply side of the business have had tough times in North America the past couple of years competing with inferior steel products being dumped into the market. The Gerard product is the second oldest in our industry and was once owned by ALCAN before Metals USA bought it. I would call the company directly and get a straight answer.
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