Inspecting a Roof to ensure that it was done right

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Hello I have had a metal roof installed this fall and there appears to be some problems. There are a number of gaps in which I can see the roof (shingles and in some cases wood) under the metal. The contractor has agreed to fix some, but are saying that the others are the nature putting metal on top of an old roof. How do I know what's a concern and what gaps are not? Look forward to your advice Brian
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This does not sound good. Contact the manufacturer of the roofing and send them pictures of the gaps which the contractor says are acceptable. Also, feel free to email pictures to me. [email protected]
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Hello Todd Thanks for responding. I was planning to take the pictures for you today, but we're having a bit of freezing rain, so I'm not going up on the ladders. The contractor came by on Thursday and fixed a couple of the openings that I had pointed out to them. They advised that the larger openings where valley and hip covers come together are unreachable. They say these will only be a concern when we have a rain/snow with heavy winds. I will send you pictures. They feel the underlay that they put down should protect the roof. They unsure why i'm concern since if they're wrong, they'll come back then and fix the problem(s) and my house insurance will cover any of the water damage in the house. I hope to send the pictures tomorrow. Brian PS. Is Classic Roof associated with Classic Products?
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Brian, Yes, I am President of Classic Products, Inc., a manufacturer of residential metal roofing based in Ohio.
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Todd, I would like to know the possibility of having someone come out to inspect a roofing installation as well. I can send pictures without to much problem but I think at this point an actual inspection with notes would be the way to go. Is this something that your company offers? Let me know. Thanks
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For the most part, I would hesitate to get involved with an inspection of a product other than one of our own. I am not sure we'd have the proper expertise, especially of roof systems far different from ours. However, there are in many areas of the country metal roofing consultants who do this sort of thing. Generally, these guys have experience with a wide variety of systems. Please email direct to me at [email protected] and let me know where you are located and I will let you know if I know of anyone close to you. Actually, now that I am posting this and I can see your email address, I suspect you are a fellow Ohioan. Let me know where you're at and I will have some suggestions for you.
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