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I live along the northern Gulf Coast and like many others in this area whose asphalt shingles suffered at the hands of Ivan will be installing a new metal roof. I have a 6/12 hip roof. I am removing the existing shingles, installing 30# felt and placing 26ga -36"galvalume plus "PBU" panels over the felt. In fact, I have already purchased the panels, inside closures for the eaves and beveled closures (both inside and outside, left and right, on a 48 degree cut-back angle) for the hips and valleys and profile vent material for a previously non-existent ridge vent and a large quantity of side lap tape and all the fastners. The cost for the special order beveled closures alone was approximately $2/LF (suprisingly expensive). The manufacurer's installation details contain all the elements I've outlined. In anticipation of installing the roof myself, I have even purchased a $500+ Fein Nibbler. The reason for going in this direction (DIY) was quite simple. After talking to several installers, I became quite concerned. As you can imagine after the storms, there is a world of work. There are also installers of questionable experience and honesty. Prices are all over the board and I've heard some roofers are charging for estimates. Quite honestly, the average home owner does not have a clue. Installers will tell you there is nothing wrong with using a skill saw with the blade turned backwards, side lap tap and closure strips are unnecessary on a 6/12 pitch. Vertical panels are being installed directly on profile shingles. Also, corrugated panels not recommended for roof applications without certain precautions (such as lapping two corrugations) are being installed in vast quantities. I really question my decision to proceed on my own, I believe I have the knowledge and skills, but lack the physical ability to tackle 41 sq on my own and a regular fulltime job. In the current environment proceeding according to manufacturers recommendations is really trying to "swim upstream" and if you insist will cost you a premium. I guess this more of an editorial and I'll get off the soapbox. But do you believe it's overkill to stick with the details or let it slide? Is side lap tape necessary? Eave closeres only for insect resistance? Really can't comprimise on the beveled closures since they are custom made and non-returnable. I just wonder what the ultimate impact to the industry will be based current installation "frenzy" and apparent lack of Quality Control/Assurance?
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Adhering to the manufacturer's requirements is not overkill -- it is essential to a successful roof system. It sounds like you are on the right track. Good luck.
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