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is there anything that is made to prevent slipping on metal roof?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It depends whether you are talking about an existing mertal roof or a new one. Like all roofing products one should limit how much walking you do on them as it does tend to wear at the surfaces. Installers of metal rrofing develop instalation technigues so that they limit walking. If you are a homeownere and have a vertical rib metal roof and you need to get up on it to clean widows etc, it is best to lay a platform or ladder on the roof to walk on. They do make shoes that have greater traction however some new metals have a vanishing oil from the forming process on them and become very slippery when new. The industry is working to elliminate then over the next few years. Of course you can buy a granular coated metal roof which has a greater slip resistance.
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