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Please help me we have a Cape Cod Style home, and recently put on a metal roof, however, in the winter after snow melts major icicle build up along the gutters , this is not between the gutter and the house, it is after the gutter and as it melts, it freezes on the steps to our home, this is a very dangerous condition. The icicles sometimes are over 2 feet long Any suggestions?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It would appear that you are getting snow melting on the metal, runninging off into the gutters and then freezing fillining up the gutters and stopping them from draining. The best solution is to install a heater cable up the drain pipes and along the inside of the gutters. There are a number that come thermostatically controlled to come on only in the cold weather so they are economical to operate. This will melt the ice and keep the water running in the gutters.
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