tom cone
Hopefully I can get and answer quickly as I need to get started. What type of wood should i use for the the purlins here in Florida? Spruce, Yellow Pine, Pressure treated? I had planned to use pressure treated but read somewhere that they warp badly and should not be used. Thanks in advance.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First you should contact the manufacterer of the metal roofing to get their requirements. Second look up their Florida product approval which shoiuld indicate what to use.There are a number of issues that could come into effect here. 1)You are in a high wind zone and the system could have certain requirements for the uplift attachment. 2) Certain chemicals (copper) used in certain pressure treated wood can react with aluminum if it becomes wet so bare Galvalume Plus should not be used on pressure treated. 3) the building code may have certain requirements depending upon span and attachment. All should be addressed by contacting the manufacturer and in reviewing their prduct aproval report.
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