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When installing a new roof concealed fastener roof how much space if any to leave between plywood decking not T&G. And does rake trim go on the end while eave trim goes on the straight edge of the house. This house has steel A-frames. Or do you use rake trim on concealed fastener roofs? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Sheets of plywood decking should be installed to have a small gap between them, ideally about 1/8" and definitely not to exceed 1/4". You are correct in that "rake" or "gable" trim is up the ends of the roof and "eave" trim is the bottom (gutter) edge. These are different parts as they are configured and angled differently. In fact, some through-fastened panel manufacturers suggest 2-piece systems for eaves and gables to help get better "fit and finish". Inquire with the manufacturer of the product you're using for complete details.
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