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We are building a house in the Bahamas and the builder has suggested a "Bermuda Roof" I have found little on-line and need to make a decision soon. Where can I find better info on this? How resistant is it to hurricane force winds? What are the details of how it is constructed?
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Hi Jim, Gosh, I really do not know for certain what your builder is talking about. Historically, a "bermuda roof" consists of horizontally-laid slabs of stone indigenous to the Bermuda islands. On a more "generic" basis, "bermuda roof" has been used to refer to other horizontally-laid metal roofs, often fairly smooth in appearance. I believe that there are two metal roofing manufacturers -- Berridge and Taylor in Oregon -- producing "bermuda-style" metal roofs. Neither is a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance. However, many of the other horizontal metal roofs, such as the various shake, shingle and tile profiles shown on this website by member manufacturers, also have a bit of a "bermuda look" to them. I suggest going back to your builder for more information on what he is suggesting and why. I also think you should spend some time here investigating today's metal roofing choices.
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I'm new to this whole metal roof thing... But I did see on a Una-Clad site that they offer a metal, "Bermuda" roof product. Found on Good luck. - Doug
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