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My roof shingles were blown off during Hurricane Ivan, I am going to replace with metal. If the metal is installed over shingles, Can mold form under the metal? Is it best to remove the shingles and place a waterproofing membrane down before installing the metal. Never been through this before.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It is good to see that you are looking to make a permant solution to your problems. I would be as much worried about wind uplift and wind driven rain as mold. In this case I would recommend choosing a product that has been wind tested and approved by a product approval report for area. It will dictate if it is capable of going over the existing shingles. Personally in this case, I would have the shingles removed and have the deck inspected to ensure that it is fastened to the structure properly, especially around the perimeter. Then I would have a high quality underlayment installed prior to installing the roof system. I would be worried about your insulation being wet. make sure the roof assembly is vented to code which will help stop the conditions that support mold. Last but not least, I always recommend talking to the local building official. He generally has a great knowledge of the area, the builders and the code and can give great advice.
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